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A Sydney restaurant has invented a vegan Pauline Hanson Halal Snack Pack

Freya Herring

We at Time Out Sydney struggle with the fact that people have a problem with halal food. Poisonous food, yes, we get it. Food that tastes rank, sure thing! But food that follows some basic rules to make it permitable for people of Muslim faith to eat, and allows Australian companies to trade their goods in some of the biggest markets in the world, like Indonesia and the Middle East, why would anyone have a problem with that?

Pauline Hanson does. And yes, her reasons make absolutely no sense.

So we’re pretty stoked that our favourite vegan burger joint, Soul Burger in Randwick, have hopped on Sydney’s current Halal Snack Pack craze and gone and invented a vegan HSP. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hanson’s Halal.

It’s fries topped with plant-based beef rather than the usual döner kebab, three layers of vegan cheese and the ‘Holy Trinity’ of sauces: garlic, chilli and barbecue. They’ve even jazzed it up with a refreshing topping of tabouli (which if you’ve ever eaten a HSP, you’ll probably agree it needs).

Hanson’s Halal is halal by default of course, as it contains no animal products anyway. But for Soul Burger, that in itself is a statement about how ridiculous the debate on halal foods has become.

So go and eat a vegan Halal Snack Pack because you want to eat one but haven’t been able to because you’re vegan. Or eat one to make a statement about how ridiculous it is to discriminate against people because of their faith. Soul Burger are selling them right now.

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