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Five feminist events to get behind this weekend

Claire Finneran

With Donald Trump's inauguration grabbing the horizon at the same speed he proclaims to grab lady-parts, now's a good time to be reminded of the importance of feminist action. Sure, the weekend is meant for leisure and rest, but you can do both: you can party, relax and support a good cause too. Here are some activities you can get behind, ranging from hardcore activism to simply putting your money where your mouth is and going to see some female-led arts and culture.

1. Friday: Go to a fundraiser party for My Body My Right

This bash hosted by long-running queer party Gaylordz at the Red Rattler Theatre is raising valuable funds for the tireless work of My Body My Right – an activist group that appeals for safe spaces around our state's abortion clinics and challenges our government's inaction on issues of choice and privacy.

Dance in a cape at Gaylordz
Here comes a meninist trying to outdance you


The theme is 'capes', which is pretty cute and nonsensical, and there'll be performances from singing pop-poet Greta Now, burlesque artist Lillian Starr and steamy DJ sets from Sex Havers and Daddy Banga. Entry is $10 before 10pm or all night if you do the full Grace Jones and cut shapes in a cape. Boy do we love a dance floor with purpose. 

2. Friday or Saturday: Go see Ich Nibber Dibber


Post performs Ich Nibber Dibber
This is What a Feminist Looks Like
Photo: Document Photography



Performance collective Post has been making work together for ten years and they're all women, coincidence? Yeah, it probably has nothing to do with it, smart-ass is my second language and I'm a woman, coincidence? Anyway, Ich Nibber Dibber is part of Sydney Festival and it's a look at all of Post's discussions they've recorded over the years as they're collaborating on major shows, hanging out and navigating coming-of-age together during the 21st century. It's bound to be funny and heartfelt and ideally for the sake of this list at least a smidge feminist show.  

3. Saturday: Join the Women's March on Sydney


Still from documentary 'She's Beautiful When She's Angry'
Demonstrators as demonstrated in the documentary 'She's Beautiful When She's Angry'


Organised by a network of supporters globally, the Women's March on Sydney is a symbolic act of international solidarity against misogyny and violence. And, while the Washington DC protest where this all began makes a powerful 'people against Trump' impact, the Sydney solidarity march may seem a little futile. Still, gee whiz, we've got strong feelings about it and why can't we all bloody march for catharsis and community. The 617 'sister' marches around the world agree.

The march meets at the Hyde Park Reflection Pool and kicks off at 11am with talks and musical performances from Jenny Munro, Jane Caro, Mariam Veiszadeh, Xiaoran Shi, Ronni Kahn, Amanda Palmer, Alphamama and Candy Royalle.

4. Saturday: See Jessica Says at Golden Age Cinema

After you've finished sticking it to the patriarchy, take your placards down to Golden Age Cinema and Bar to see a performance from musician Jessica Says at 10pm, and smash a couple of espresso martinis. Jessica Says has a real rebooted early-2000s-Kylie sound and a subversive pop-princess vibe that's perfect for soothing your slogan weary ears without relinquishing the day's theme. If you get there earlier they're also screening Pretty Woman which could be read as a sex-positive, feminist dramedy – if you squint.

5. Sunday: Register for Get Hairy February and start growing 

Wrap up this long feminist weekend itinerary with a bit of rest, relaxation and body hair cultivation. We felt a little dubious about this concept at first; what exactly is growing your leg hair, underarm hair and pubes saying about defence against assault and misogyny? Well, about as much as growing a moustache is saying about curing prostate cancer – nothing really, just give your money to the worthy causes that are affiliated and get on with it. Which Get Hairy February is trying to do. They seeking sponsorship and donations for the Full Stop Foundation, a valuable organisation that provides support and champions services for women affected by violence. Sign up over here and start unfurling those follicles.

Find more things to do this weekend

Go see Shit! The Sydney Festival show dares to put three women on stage who are rarely given a theatrical voice. 

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