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Good news! Fluffy the great white shark returns home

Emma Joyce

Yesterday, Manly beachgoers were surprised by a baby great white shark that washed up on the beach and was later given a temporary home at Fairy Bower pool.

In news that’ll please ocean pool swimmers and environmentalists alike, we can report that the juvenile white shark – lovingly named ‘Fluffy’ – has been released into the ocean.

The male shark, which measured in at 1.8 metres, was transferred to a holding tank overnight at Manly sanctuary where the team assessed his condition. After a full health check, Fluffy was set free into deep waters at 2.30pm today. You can see him swimming off in the video above. 

Shark swimming at Fairy Bower pool
Fluffy swimming at Fairy Bower pool
Photograph: Alex Martiniuk

Locals can be assured that the great white was released four kilometres off Sydney’s coastline – so hopefully he won't come back for seconds.

Manly Sea Life Sanctuary life sciences manager Rob Townsend said, “We have been involved in dozens of rescues over the years but this one was certainly unique. It was truly a privilege to work with this species and it is always great to be able to release an animal like this back to the wild and to see the amount of public support he had.”

Next time you’re in Manly, give the experts at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary a back on the back.

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