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How to get 31 dinners for $6.45 each in January

A bowl of pasta
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Coming out of the Christmas/New Year's break often leaves your personal finances looking as an Antarctic beach. But it's also high summer, the best time for socialising and hitting the town. Happily there is a way to reconcile these two opposing forces, and it involves a month of dinners for $6.45 a pop.

How do you secure such bounty for so few dollars, you may well ask? We're not going to lie: it involves a voucher. Or a pass to be more exact. For the month of January, Fratelli Fresh (with locations all over Sydney) are offering something called the Fratelli Pass. It costs $200 and gets you access to one pizza, pasta or salad every day in January. That's 31 hot meals for $200, which is as cheap as dining out comes now that Pho 236 have upped their prices to $9.80 for a beef noodle soup.

The passes go on sale on Friday December 1 and there are only 500 passes, so if you love carbs and hate cooking for yourself, this makes a lot of sense. Also very good for creatures of habit whose favourite food is Italian. Probably worth mentioning here that the passes go on sale at 10am sharp, and the first person to buy one gets two return flights to Italy as a prize. 

The Fratelli Pass is valid at the Alexandria, Bridge Street, Crows Nest, Entertainment Quarter, Macquarie Street, Potts Point, Walsh Bay and Westfield CBD venues, as well as Alfred Place in Melbourne, of you're planning a mini-break in Melbourne.

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