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Idris Elba is playing a free DJ set this Thursday

Alyx Gorman

Those of you who watched his movie length documentary How Clubbing Changed the World may know that Idris Elba (AKA: everyone's supercrush, AKA: the next James Bond, AKA: Byron Bay Film Festival's third biggest fan) is very into house music. You might also know that he more than dabbles in DJing and has even played a set at Glastonbury. 

Now, in town filming Thor: Ragnarök he's going to do a side-gig testing out some Australian decks. Specifically the decks of recently re-opened Good Bar, this Thursday night, September 29. Oh, and did we mention it's free?

Supported by Handles and Nicky Night Time, the night will kick off at 8pm and go till late. We're talking "Good Bar has no lockouts" late. 

No mention of whether or not he'll drop a sweet remix of Way Down in the Hole, but one can always live in hope. 

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Good Bar can be found at 1-11 Oxford St, Paddington, 2021

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