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Love Tilly Devine
Photograph: Anna Kucera

Love Tilly Devine is getting a veg-friendly makeover

Emily Lloyd-Tait

We've been long-term fans of laneway wine bar Love Tilly Devine, but the old girl is set to get a fresh new look in October, closing for ten days to reopen with a heavily Aussie-accented wine list and a new vegetarian and sustainable focus to the menu.

And in very good news for the financially conscious drinkers among us, they're aiming to keep almost everything by the bottle under $100. On the food front you can expect an injection of freshness and levity from salads, pickles and other preserved veg to take a starring role on the menu, with meat and charcuterie more in a supporting role.

The new direction is down to new (and old) blood in the Love Tilly team. Matthew Swieboda founded the bar before moving onto other projects like Dear Sainte Eloise up in Potts Point. But now he is back on board with chef Ben Abiad, business partner Nathanial Hatwells and Jasmin Natterer.

In great news for early-week adopters, Love Tilly Devine will also be opening on Monday nights for a cheeky opener to your working week. 

Photograph: supplied

Love Tilly Devine will close on Mon Oct 2 and reopen on Fri Oct 13 from 5pm until late.

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