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DJ Nic Scali
Photograph: Daniel Boud

Moments when you're winning at Sydney

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Time Out editors

There are days when Sydney is a hard city to love, but when everything goes your way, there's no place we'd rather be, especially if it means no queues. Not having to line-up for anything is a sure fire sign you're winning at Sydney, along with these other 27 golden moments

1. You're on a boat.

A couple on a sail boat

2. You remember to go to the bottle-o before 10pm, instead of realising you need more wine at 10.05pm.


3. You’re eating a jerk pork chop with three kinds of citrus at the bar at Momofuku because you deserve nice things, but you don’t have $185 for the full tasting menu.

4. You bring a floatie to the beach, play on it all day and successfully bring it home without puncturing it.

A women on an inflatable doughnut in a pool

Photograph: Merivale

5. You score a glory park in in Bondi, Manly or Coogee.

6. The servers don’t crash right as you’re buying Sydney Theatre Co/Vivid/Sydney Festival tickets.

7. You go out all day and return home without getting sunburnt or rained on.

A sunburnt man

8. You manage to catch all the blockbuster art shows for the season like a culture king.

9. You realise you're sitting in the same cafe as Hugo Weaving.

Hugo Weaving sitting in a restaurant

Photograph: Anna Kucera

10. You get nothing but green lights the whole way down Cleveland Street.

11. You travel really really far on public transport and it costs $0, because you're smart at Opal.

An Opal card reader

12. You get to Bourke Street Bakery just before they close and they throw in a few free pastries with your bread.

13. When you hit a quiet time at the Old Clare's rooftop pool.

The Old Clare rooftop

Photograph: Kit Baker

14. You wake up early enough (or stay out late enough) to see the sunrise, without even planning to, or....

15. You're outside at sunset with a body of water to your west.

Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel

16. You need to turn, you’re in the wrong lane and your fellow drivers lets you in with nothing more than an indulgent smile.

17. You take a small detour past Cow and the Moon, just to see how bad the line is, and there’s no queue so you go HAM on all the gelato.

Gelato in a waffle cone

Photograph: Anna Kucera

18. You manage to make it to the Eveleigh markets just before they shut - in time to get your Billy Kwong pancakes, and buy all the veggies at their end of day cheapness.

19. There is no one over 5-foot six standing near you at an Enmore Theatre show.

Kaiser Chiefs playing on stage

20. It's Happy Hour when you’re buying a round.

21. You have to catch a bus, then a train, and they both arrive in less than two minutes.

A sydney train

22. You pre-game at Bennelong for an Opera House show and actually get a seat at the bar.

23. When you actually catch a wave.

Woman on a surfboard

24. You find a venue that caters to your pregnant friend, your vegan friend, your halal friend and your gluten-free friend all at once.

25. When you order a juice and it costs less than $6.

An orange juice

26. You wake up with a hankering for brunch and get a table right away.

27. Your rent is less than 50% of your income.

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