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Sorry Sydney, your #Weddingcakerock shots may now come with a $300 price tag

Alyx Gorman

Earlier this year, we were on the ground at Figure 8 Pools on a day when over 50 people were injured. It turns out, those pools aren't the only #Instagood spot in the Royal National Park people are disregarding their own safety to shoot.

Wedding Cake Rock is an angled slice of white, as scenic as it is unstable. Signs instructing visitors to stay off the rock were erected last year, after a geotechnical study discovered the rock was precariously close to crashing into the sea. Since the warning signs have been put up, hundreds of visitors have gleefully jumped the fence to get their moment of photographic glory, sometimes thirty at a time.

Since it turns out you can't fight stupid with signage, NSW Parks and Wildlife service have decided to appeal to people's fear of punishment, rather than their common sense. They'll soon be handing out fines (likely between $100 and $300) for those that ignore the regulatory signs and climb out onto the cliff. This is the first time the Royo will be issuing fines for ignoring safety messages. Given how often first responders get injured while rescuing those who've put themselves in dangerous situations, slapping a fine on this silliness seems like a reasonable price to pay.

Via The Age.

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