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The Jezabels are playing 7 back-to-back shows at the Lansdowne

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

There's not many artists who won't say that they prefer playing smaller, more intimate venues. Sure, stadiums are pretty fucking cool from a sheer scale perspective, but the energy of a smaller show is hard to beat. Clearly the Jezabels feel this way, which is why they've decided to play their homecoming shows in Sydney at the Lansdowne Hotel.

What's that? The band room only fits 250 people so tickets will be impossible to get? Fear not, music lovers. In a truly impressive act of performance generosity, Sydney's indie rock darlings are going to play seven back-to-back shows, from August 21-27, with a different support act every night. If the second sell is what will sway your decision, here's the support acts:

Monday: Didirri (solo)
Tuesday: Sunscreen
Wednesday: Soma Sutton
Thursday: Angie McMahon
Friday: Planet
Saturday: Borneo
Sunday: Big Time
Plus, tickets are only $30 for each night. You can lock down tickets at (at that price you'd be mad not to) and for die-hard fans, this is not going to be the same show over and over again. Old songs, lesser known singles and B sides will get an airing in the new format. 
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