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There’s a giant slip ‘n’ slide coming to Sydney this summer
Written by
Emma Joyce

Summer was already shaping up to be one amazing season of nonsensical fun, what with this giant ball pit and a maze of mirrors on the way for Sydney Festival. Now we hear the world’s longest waterslide is on the way!

Slideapalooza is a travelling festival that covers locations from Townsville to Perth, stopping off in Hunter Valley over Australia Day (Jan 26-29) and eventually here in Sydney (dates and location to be announced soon). 

It’s a weekend of splashing around on a giant inflatable water slide and getting into energetic water balloon battles, plus live music and food. Our favourite things.

It’s not just for kids, either. There are two over-18s categories: Slide ‘n’ Sounds and Slide ‘n’ Lights, which include pop-up bars, food stalls and a fireworks finale (as well as getting soaked on the slip ‘n’ slide).

For those who need a challenge, there’s the Slide ‘n’ Sprint (for ages 13 and up) which pitches itself as a five-kilometre sports event where you’ll run uphill for 500 metres, slide down 400 metres and repeat until exhausted.

Plus, for kids, there’ll be shorter sliding distances on offer, from 50 metres to 400 metres. Spectator passes will be free during the gentler sessions, but expect to pay a non-slider pass for the grown-up time sessions.

Tickets are already on sale for the Hunter Valley event at Calais Estate, 151 Palmers Ln, Rothbury 2320. $59.95-$79.95. 

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