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We got to try an Uncle Tetsu cheesecake before any other Australian publication. Here’s our verdict

Written by
Freya Herring

So everyone's going bananas over Uncle Tetsu's cheesecakes, who, as we announced on Friday, are opening their first Australian store at noon on Tuesday July 18 (read the full scoop here). It’s not only the first store in Australia, but it will be the biggest Uncle Tetsu store in the whole world. As you would expect then, the queues are set to be colossal.

So, we were thrilled when we got to be first to try the famous cheesecake before any other publication in the country. Thanks, Uncle Tetsu!

How does it taste?

It depends how you eat it – hot or cold. If you’re in line on George Street, you’ll be getting it warm, so let’s start with that. It smells like sugar and eggs in a pancake way and is bronzed on top and creamy-coloured round the sides. It’s very delicate, so we slice with care. The texture is somewhere between a sponge and a cheesecake – feathery-light, but it melts on the tongue like butter thanks to all that (sorry) fat. It tastes like a really light, fluffy pancake, and isn’t particularly cheesy.

How is it cold? Definitely more ‘cheesecakey’ that’s for sure. This Japanese cheesecake has been made, since the 1980s, with Australian cream cheese, so if you want to get the truest taste of that, then chill this sucker down. Served cold, the cheesecake is firmer, less eggy in flavour and definitely more cheesy.

So, is it worth queuing up for on a freezing Sydney winter’s day? If cake and cheese hold a special place in your heart, then get down there. Or if you can stand to wait a while, hold off for a couple of weeks until the queues are more manageable.

We tried the cheesecake for the first time live on air on Facebook Live. Check out the video below for our hack team’s – at times controversial – thoughts.

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