Beyond Cinema: The Titanic Experience

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Have a night to remember with a screening of Titanic on board a ship in Sydney Harbour

If you love James Cameron's Titanic and want to experience it in as visceral a way as possible short of actually plunging into the Atlantic, then you'll be up for this screening on board a boat in Sydney Harbour in January.

Brough to you by Beyond Cinema, The Titanic Experience promises to blur the boundaries between movie and real life with a five-hour experience including film, food, drinks and live action re-enactments.

Much like the movie, the experience will highlight class inequality, but in a fun, altogether less drowny way. Three classes of tickets are available. 

First Class tickets ($189) get you a Champagne reception and an elegant two-course meal, cabaret and music on 12-seater tables. Second Class ($145) gets you canapes and music in the middle section of the boat. And Third Class ($75) is on the top deck in the open with Irish fiddlers and finger foods.

The website warns that "strictly no mixing between the classes is acceptable" and that dress codes will apply.

Tickets are now on sale. The voyage departs from Darling Harbour – location advised on booking.

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