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Five five-star films you must see this month

All in cinemas in February, all magnificent

Photograph: Transmission Films
Adam Driver in Silence

You can tell it's Academy Awards season when the cinemas are crowded with high quality flicks, all hoping to capitalise on the free publicity. These five movies are Oscar hopefuls (with one deliriously weird exception) and all of them rate the maximum five stars from Time Out critics. From religious epics to searing coming-of-age dramas to 1960s spoofs, these are the ones to tick off your list. 


Manchester by the Sea

Actor Casey Affleck joins the ranks of giants in a tremendously moving portrait of grief from American writer-director Kenneth Lonergan

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Toni Erdmann

This tender German comedy is a moving, often hilarious portrait of an unusual father-daughter relationship

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The Love Witch

This vastly entertaining movie seems plucked from the Playboy-era universe of huge hairdos, lurid makeup and voracious female appetites

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Scorsese's epic of faith under fire set in 17th-century Japan ranks among the greatest achievements of spiritually minded cinema

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