Paul McCartney

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Paul McCartney playing his One On One tour in 2016
Photograph: MJ KIM

It's finally happening – Sir Macca is coming to Sydney as part of a national stadium tour

It's been a Hard Day's Night waiting for Sir Paul McCartney to return to our shores since his Australian tour 24 years ago – but it'll be worth the wait. The living legend has announced the Australian leg of his long-running One on One tour on a Facebook Live interview with Tim Minchin, saying: "We've been waiting to get back to Australia and New Zealand for years, and now it's finally happening... we've always had such a brilliant time whenever we've been before so we know we are in for a treat". 

The 21-time Grammy Award winning Beatle – who has written some of the most influential and well-loved songs in the Western musical canon – will pull out all the stops on his Australian shows; we're talking pyrotechnics, giant screens and a tight back-up band, who he's been playing with for over ten years. Of course, this is all secondary to the opportunity to hear him play a selection of Beatles songs and tunes from his decades-long solo career, which has seen him work with everyone from Michael Jackson to Rihanna and Kanye West. Just imagine being in the same room as Sir Paul as he plays classics like 'Blackbird' and 'Yesterday'. Magic. 

Here's what Time Out New York had to say about his One on One tour:

"To an extent, you know what you’re gonna get from a Paul McCartney show: total professionalism from one of the most gifted and agreeable musicians of the last hundred years. But does that account for the moment Macca comes onstage, you realize you’re looking at a Beatle, and you forget to breathe? Or the grizzled sonics of his genuinely rocking young band? It does not. This is truly must-see viewing, take our word for it."

If you can't wait to be there, then make sure you buy tickets on Tuesday June 4 at 5pm, because these babies will sell out faster than you can say 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da'.