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A huge mural of Nicoel Kidman on the side of a building opposite the Coca-Cola sing in the Cross
Photograph: Supplied/Binge

A huge new mural depicting Nicole Kidman has appeared in Kings Cross

It celebrates her star turn in Binge hit The Undoing, in which she appears alongside Hugh Grant

Written by
Stephen A Russell

The iconic status of the Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross has some tough competition: a towering mural depicting Hollywood megastar Nicole Kidman was painted on the side of Darlinghurst’s Top of The Town apartment complex (home to Tropicana cafe) this weekend.

The size of an Olympic swimming pool, eleven artists completed the Southern Hemisphere’s hugest hand-painted portrait to mark her latest pop culture smash The Undoing. Kidman co-produced the Binge hit in which she also plays Grace Fraser, a New York therapist who suddenly realises she has know idea who her handsome doctor husband – played by Love, Actually lead Hugh Grant – truly is. If you’ve been missing Big Little Lies, this is the new twisty-turny mystery you need in your life right now.

The 18-storey portrait involving 200 litres of water-based paint took 400 hours to complete over a period of 15 days (with delays due to inclement weather). It was well worth the wait, creating the perfect Instagram-able selfie spot – but it’s temporary, so get in quick. It was lovingly painted by a crew rallied from giant-sized art afficionados Apparition Media (who also created the Adam Goodes mural in Surry Hills) including Hamish McBride, Laura Paige, Kailin Hegel, Jacqui Butterworth, Aly Barnard, Matt Mcenally, Meg Hardie, Meg Hales, Michael Iglesias, Nancy Ji and Tia Madden. 

Painters at work on the huge mural of Nicole Kidman on the side of a building opposite the Coca-Cola sing in the Cross
Photograph: Supplied/Binge

Apparition Media honcho Tyson Hunter is stoked with the incredible result. “After nearly three weeks of project planning and painting, we’re so excited to finally reveal this stunning portrait to Australia. This has been an incredible undertaking from the team.” 

Binge executive director Alison Hurbert-Burns was pumped to share it with the city. “Not only is it some of the world’s best drama, but it stars Nicole Kidman, so we just had to do something big to celebrate the show in her hometown. And what better way to mark the year’s biggest thriller than with the biggest portrait Australia has ever seen?”

It’s already a megahit on their streaming platform, with new episodes dropping weekly.

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