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A bright pink and purple mural depicting breast cancer survivor Emily Quinlan and her breast cancer nurse, Joylene Fletcher
Photograph: Supplied/McGrath Foundation

A massive new mural honouring Aussie Breast Care Nurses has just appeared in North Sydney

And in our humble opinion, it's pretty amazing.

Written by Maya Skidmore

A brilliant, magenta-hued and truly ginormous painting of McGrath breast care nurse Joylene Fletcher and her 26-year-old patient Emily Quinlan has just been unveiled on Miller Street in North Sydney.  

Painted by artist Sarah McCloskey, this touching mural has been revealed today in reflection of International Nurse’s Day, with it honouring the 185 Breast Care Nurses that are currently caring for Aussie families who have been impacted by breast cancer. The McGrath Foundation has announced its commitment to increase its number of Breast Care Nurses to 250 by 2025, with the introduction of 65 more nurses to the McGrath ranks set as a goal for the celebration of the Foundation’s upcoming 20 year anniversary in three years' time. 

Artist Sarah McCloskey and her subjects, Emily Quinlan and Joylene Fletcher
Photograph: Supplied/ McGrath Mural

The huge mural is also all about recognising the 20,000 Australians who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, while also acting as a powerful representation of the immense support and value provided by Breast Care Nurses, with these specially trained individuals offering free psychological, physical and emotional care to over 110,000 families since 2005. In our opinion, that's a move worth celebrating. 

Get down to the Library Cafe in North Sydney to see this glorious monument to care, courage and compassion for yourself.

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