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Tootsie musical - from Time Out New York 2019
Photograph: Matthew MurphyTootsie: Original Broadway cast

Broadway's Tootsie musical is coming to Australia

Ben Neutze

There aren't many beloved comedy movies left to be turned into musicals (Mrs Doubtfire and The Devil Wears Prada are being written as we speak) and not all screen-to-stage adaptations are created equal. But by all accounts the musical version of Tootsie, the 1982 Dustin Hoffman-led movie about a struggling male actor who decides to drag up to go for female roles and advance his career, is a winner.

The musical opened on Broadway last month to uniformly strong reviews and 11 Tony nominations, and the producers have just announced a US tour, a West End production for 2021, a Japanese production and, most importantly, an Australian production. What do we know about the Australian version? Not much just yet: there aren't any dates announced, but we do know it's being brought here by the original Broadway producers along with Australian ex-pat producer Benjamin Lowy.

The show itself is apparently wildly funny and smart, and our friends at Time Out New York said it has "the funniest book of a Broadway musical since The Book of Mormon." It's more or less the story you know, but the action has been moved forward to modern day, and instead of finding a role on a soap opera, lead character Michael Dorsey drags up to land a role in a Broadway show.

Our theatres are looking pretty full over the next two years, so it could still be a while before Tootsie lands in Australia. But with producers officially lined up, it's only a matter of time.

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