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Photograph: Craig Adderley | Pexels

Could our dreams be coming true? Australia might be getting its very own Disneyland

Speculation is swirling

Liv Condous
Written by
Liv Condous

It’s known as the happiest place on Earth and a dream holiday for every little (and big) kid, but for Aussies, Disneyland has always been a destination far, far away. In fact, the closest we've got is the recent announcement of the Disney cruise line coming to Australia. But now, speculation is swirling that our neighbour, Melbourne, could be the next home of Mickey and Minnie. 

There’s no doubt that Australians would jump at the chance to ride Space Mountain, hug our fave characters, eat pretzels as big as our heads and take adorable pics in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, but hold onto your Mickey ears, as the buzz seems to be mostly speculation (for now), and a push from Melbourne's lord mayor for it to happen. “As Australia’s capital city of fun [um, what?], of course we should have a Disney theme park in Melbourne,” says lord mayor Sally Capp. “Exhilarating roller-coasters could soar over the Yarra as part of a Disneyland, Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom."

“I know a Disney theme park in our municipality would be a huge hit with residents [...] visitors, students and traders.”

Possible Melbourne spots being thrown around include Avalon (near their "other airport") or Docklands (close to the city) or Fishermen’s Bend (in the City of Port Phillip). Like Melbourne, we're keen for this dream to become a reality. Stay tuned.

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