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Get cheesy raclette and fondue kits delivered to your door

Vive la révolution, indeed – especially if it's this cheesy.

Divya Venkataraman

Bastille Day might be a while away yet, but there's no bad time to feast on gooey, melted French cheese in a wheel. That's why the organisers of the Bastille Festival, a French festival held annually in July in Sydney's Rocks district, have announced the launch of their 'Revolution Boxes' – and it's come just in time for Sydney's snap of chilly weather. While the Festival itself has been postponed until October 2020, the francophiles among you can still get your Frenchy fix with boxes of wine, cheese and other goodies delivered to your door. Vive la révolution indeed, especially if it's this cheesy. 

Now, the crucial question: which box will you choose? Kits contain allthe ingredients you need to make fondue or raclette – or simply treat yourself to a selection of wine and cheeses from the full range online. The fondue Savoyarde (a type of fondue from the foothills of the Alps) box ($105) contains everything you need to ensure you have cheese dreams that night: three cheeses portioned and weighed, a bottle of white wine from Savoie, another for cooking (!), baguettes for dipping and a bottle of kirsch to pour straight in to your gooey pot of fondue. And don't worry – a step-by-step recipe and tasting notes will ensure you don't put a foot wrong throughout your French escapades. S'il vous plaît, et merci. 

If fondue isn't quite your flavour of melting French cheese, the raclette box ($95) contains everything you'll need to cook up a rustic feast in your home: 500 grams of raclette cheese straight from the wheel, a bottle of white wine from Alsace, charcuterie to nibble on, potatoes, pickles and of course, more crusty baguettes to mop up the cheese and pose on Instagram with. 

On the other hand, if you choose the wine and cheese feast box, you'll get to start nibbling straight away – a curated selection of six French wines paired with a whopping total of 1.5kg of cheese will arrive at your door for $249. Plus, you'll get a virtual masterclass with the Bastille Festival's sommelier, who will guide you through the complex flavours and origins of your French delicacies. So rug up and get feasting – you can order online here. Oh, and the best part? Each purchase of a Revolution Box will donate one meal to community charity, Meals on Wheels. 

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