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Get oysters destined for Australia's best restaurants delivered to your door

Written by
Jess Ho

Top-quality produce is usually reserved for restaurants. Farmers, fishermen and producers sell to distributors, who in turn, sell to restaurants. This is a model that worked six weeks ago, but due to the closure of restaurants and bars, a lot of farmers are left with a glut of produce and nowhere for it to go.

Mimosa Rock Oysters is one such business, which used to sell its oysters directly to top-flight restaurants, like Saint Peter in Paddington. Now, its A-grade, wild-caught, Nelson Lagoon and Wapengo Lake oysters (located within Mimosa Rocks National Park) are available for you to purchase directly with free, overnight delivery if you live within the metro Sydney area. 

Small and medium-sized oysters are on offer, both exhibiting a rich, creamy texture, mild brine and mineral intensity that is unique to Sydney Rock bivalves. Each of the oysters is a minimum of three years old and arrives live to your door. If stored in the box they arrive in, between 10-17 degrees and away from the light, they'll keep for one to two weeks (if you can manage to hold out that long). When you are ready to eat them, pop them in your fridge for an hour before you start shucking. 

The minimum order for Mimosa Rock Oysters is three dozen, and depending on the size of the oyster, you'll be paying just under $2 each – a bargain when you consider that some of the country's finest diners are now charging up to $6 a pop. All you need is a shucker (also available for purchase) and some space in the cupboard. Shop here

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