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Giant glowing mushrooms have sprouted at Cockle Bay Wharf

Olivia Gee

We wouldn’t blame you if you assumed the glowing mushrooms that have just arrived at Cockle Bay Wharf were part of Vivid Light. They tick all the boxes: very bright, very big – up to six metres tall – and very mesmerising for all us moths in human costumes. But these luminous fungi, which will be hanging around until June 15, are actually separate to the winter festival of light, music and ideas.

While these shiny shrooms won't give you a psychedelic trip, they are a glowing new addition to Vivid’s backyard. The installations, created by interactive light and design studio Amigo and Amigo, create a kind of forest fantasyland perfect for Instagram snaps when they start glowing 6pm.

There’s also a bevy of $12 cocktail specials being poured at nearby venues for the sparkly occasion. You’ll be given a glowing glass which you can take to spots like Blackbird Café to get filled with a peach and raspberry-infused Martini, or to Pontoon Bar for a vodka and grapefruit mash-up. And you get the take the LED-lit vessel home. Fun.

Basically, we like their moxie down at Cockle Bay, where they’re moseying in on Vivid’s action – if you can’t beat them, join them in the glow-a-thon.

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