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Is Solange coming back to the Opera House?

Written by
Ben Neutze

This morning, Sydney Opera House's social media accounts all teased a big announcement taking place tomorrow morning at 8.30am. The posts featured just the words "Guess who's coming home?" and a video of the Opera House shrouded by a mysterious silhouette. They all link through to a website where you can register for updates:

Well we've done a little bit of sleuthing (OK, that might be overstating things), and we reckon we might've figured it out. We also reckon anybody who's a genuine fan of Solange might've figured it out too.

Check out this side-by-side comparison of the Opera House's video and Solange's 2019 album When I Get Home.

Yep, we'd recognise that silhouette anywhere. Which leads us to just one possible conclusion: Solange is coming back to Sydney.

The caption is also appropriate given that she truly made this house her home during four landmark nights at last year's Vivid Sydney. It was a triumphant return to the stage and a celebration of blackness that won rave reviews right across the board. Check out our critics' take on the first night.

But if there was a problem with that run of shows, it was that it was far too short. There was a ballot system for tickets, and quite a few fans missed out. So we have everything crossed that she's planning a longer run this time, especially as she's released a whole album in that time and has plenty of new music to bring to local fans.

All will be revealed at 8.30am tomorrow. Watch this space.

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