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Jetstar is slinging free return flights for a year for you (and a mate)

Jetstar is turning 19 – and to celebrate, they're giving away a free gap year to one lucky Aussie

Maya Skidmore
Written by
Maya Skidmore

When we hear ‘free flights for a year’ and ‘pretend you’re 19 again and explore the world’, it all seems a little too good to actually be true. However, according to Jetstar’s latest bid to get more people on their big white and orange planes (renegade masters, the lot of 'em), these two things are apparently about to meet and become a legitimate reality. 

In celebration of the notorious airline’s 19th birthday, they are putting on a competition – as the grand prize, one lucky traveller will get free flights to more than 86 destinations over the course of one year. Plus, you get an extra seat on all the flights to bring a mate, a date or your mum. Your choice. 

With 12 domestic and six international (free) return flights up for grabs, this comp is called ‘Feel 19 Again’ and is made for everyone, no matter how old you are. Read: You don’t need to be a high school graduate about to embark on a Euro gap ‘yaaah’ to apply. Rather, Jetstar are advertising this as a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection and world exploration for anyone who feels like their lives need it. Keen to get your youthful, 19-year-old sparkle back? You’re not alone. 

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So, how does the Jetstar Feel 19 Again competition work? 

From 6am on May 25, 2023, head over to Jetstar’s Instagram and answer in 19 words or less If you could try any job for a day, what would it be and why?’.

Jetstar wants you to call on your inner 19-year-old for the most peculiar, bizarre and funny answer as humanly possible with this, so think radical ghost hunting in Tokyo, not accountancy in North Sydney (although no shade, either way). 

After that, 19 semi-finalists (are we sensing a theme here?) will be selected on June 1. Following that, the chosen few will have three days, up until 11.59pm on June 4, to create a short video detailing why they are the ideal candidate for their imagined job. The best video entries will be judged by Jetstar, with the final draw being decided by Jetstar’s followers on Instagram on June 5. 

This is all happening very quickly, but hey! What’s life without a bit of spontaneity, risk and free international air travel? Fingers crossed you don’t get a last-minute cancellation – but even if you do, the flight’s free, and you’re pretending to be 19 again.

Really, you win. 

Find out more about Jetstar's nitty-gritty terms and conditions here

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