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Sydney cyclists leave their helmets behind to fight against fines

Olivia Gee

Sydney cyclists will be part of a nationwide protest opposing the legal requirement to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle in Australia. Participants will set off on a protest cycle in Centennial Parklands on March 17, cycling twice around Grand Drive without helmets to highlight the importance of healthy, sustainable transport and barriers to the growth of cycling in Australia.

Organised by Freestyle Cyclists, the Helmet Optional Ride will call for the rejection of helmet laws and ask governments to implement measures making cycling a safer and more popular form of transport. Under current legislation, NSW riders can incur a fine of up to $330 for failing to wear a helmet.

This penalty, along with other practicalities – like finding a suitable home for your bike and helmet at work – might put some riders off. If you’re looking for some inspiration to take up the peddle again, visit any of these cyclist-friendly Sydney cafés for a hassle-free end to your ride.

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