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5km bubble from Bankstown
Photograph: 2KM

Sydneysiders can only travel 5km from home to exercise or shop: here's how to calculate your bubble

Stay within this 5km bubble for exercise and essential shopping

Nicola Dowse
Written by
Nicola Dowse

Sydneysiders are now only allowed to do outdoor exercise or shop for essentials (unless their nearest shop is further away) within a 5km radius of home, unless they really have to. Those exercising outside can only exercise with one other person, and both people must stay within 5km of their homes. There is some ambiguity to way the rules are officially worded (which we've gone into more detail about here), but essentially, you must remain within 5km wherever possible.

But how do you find out how far that is? Where there's a web connection, there's a way. KM From Home is a website created by developer Dave Bolger when movement restrictions were introduced in his home country of Ireland back in March 2020. Luckily, KM From Home works across the world, meaning you can use the simple tool to work out exactly how far 5km is from your home.

All you have to do is type in your address (or let the website automatically see your device location) and the site will show you a 5km radius from your home address – you can also adjust the tool to show other size increments. Try the tool for yourself here

However, that does not mean you should be running all over your 5km bubble. The public health advice is that people should not be traveling beyond 5km from home unless your nearest supermarket is further than this distance. People found to be breaking the 5km bubble without a valid reason can be issued an on-the-spot infringement fine of $5000.

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