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The Ivy is not being demolished any time soon

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

Yesterday you might have been cruising your newsfeed over a coffee only to read that the Ivy's days are numbered. But before you pack away your dancing shoes and your party jeans and singing 'Don't Dream It's Over', it's worth noting that the eventual redevelopment of the Ivy site is years away. That's right, years, which means you still have multiple summers to spend in the rooftop pool and queueing for their Thursday night ragers.

The article published in the Daily Telegraph quoted Merivale's Justin Hemmes as saying that the complex was always intended to be "knocked down eventually, but in a statement issued by Merivale on Sunday afternoon they stressed that while they were looking into long term plans for the venue, " discussions to date have only been preliminary. No final plans have been decided nor time-lines set, and there are certainly no immediate plans to commence redevelopment of the site."

For the time being the CBD party palace is business as usual, so make the most of the heatwave and go for a dip. 

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