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Time Out’s Bar of the Year has created a cocktail to combat food waste

Written by
Maxim Boon

CBD cocktail bar PS40, recently named Time Out's Bar of the Year for 2020, has created a 'drink made of drinks', to prove that the produce we often bin can still be repurposed in surprisingly delicious ways.

The Re-tini is the creation of owner Michael Chiem, whose approach combines a fearlessly innovative attitude to ingredients with a flair for storytelling through his cocktails. The emerald-hued concoction features leftover herbs, peas, citrus husks, a dash of olive brine, tomatillo juice and vodka to create a sharp yet earthy ode to the classic Martini.

Michael Chiem from PS40

The reuse revolution has gained major momentum around the world in the past year, particularly the widespread rejection of single-use plastics such as plastic bags, coffee cups and straws. But food wastage is an ecological issue that is far less addressed, particularly within the hospitality industries; more than 300,000 tonnes of food waste finds its way into the dumpsters of pubs and bars in Sydney every year.

Chiem said the Re-tini offers an opportunity "to question current and future methods of drink creation".

"On a practical level, you can save money, time and energy," he said. “But also it can be a source of creativity, through a new lens where we can dream and formulate delicious drinks.”

If your interest is piqued, you’ll have to hurry: Sydneysiders will only be able to sample the Re-tini at PS40 until December 31.

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