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Iced Vovo gelato from Firedoor
Photograph: Firedoor/Supplied

You can get a whole tub of this Iced Vovo gelato at Messina stores next week

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Divya Venkataraman

First debuted in Messina's collaboration with Firedoor’s Fireshop, there's a new Messina tub flavour you can pick up to enjoy at home: a gelato inspired by the much-loved Aussie biscuit classic, the Iced Vovo.

This one proved mighty popular in its first iteration, and again when Messina brought it back in July – and it's finally up for grabs again. Wondering what exactly a gelato version of the bikkie involves? Layers of toasted coconut gelato and chunks of shortbread biscuit are topped with marshmallow, sandwiching a raspberry purée 'runway' right down the middle, and sprinkled with desiccated coconut. This pretty pink confection mimics the distinctive flavours of the Arnott’s biscuit – and it's a looker, too. A one-litre tub is $30. 

You can orders yours online from Monday, January 18 for pick up between Friday, January 22 and Sunday, January 24 across stores in Sydney and Melbourne (except for the Star).  

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