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Aussie Gyozas at Fugetsu
Photograph: Supplied/Fugetsu

You can get Vegemite gyozas on January 26 at this CBD eatery

The unlikely food fusion has been created to celebrate Australia Day

Maxim Boon

Konnichi wa cobbers! Market City Japanese eatery Fugetsu is giving one of its most popular menu items a true blue makeover, just in time for January 26. In what may rank as one of the most unlikely culinary fusions ever attempted (after Melbourne's famous, and allegedly delicious roti and Vegemite curry), the traditional Japanese pan-fried dumpling is getting remade with Australia's favourite breakfast spread.

Owner and head chef Robert Shin hopes the Vegemite gyoza will “create a dish that celebrates two cultures using two popular comfort foods”, adding, “as a child I used to eat gyoza after school and would love to eat it all day if I could. I believe Vegemite on toast is the same food for Australians.”

Shin has devised the perfect balance of vegemite and traditional Japanese ingredients, such as soy and miso, to concoct a distinctly Aussie dipping sauce. “A great dipping sauce can make or break a dish,” Shin says. “Vegemite is a flavour that brings an instant umami taste. Naturally, this was my first choice when I was searching for the hero ingredient for my Aussie gyoza.” 

The Aussie gyoza will come in a choice of three fillings – succulent pork, prawns or vegetables – and will only be available on January 26. Advance bookings are encouraged.

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