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You can now get vegan banana pudding delivered to your house

Sometimes you just need to outsource dessert to the experts

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

Everyone has been busy leveling up their kitchen skills during the trash island that is 2020, but there are some things that it's worth outsourcing to the professionals, and vegan desserts is high on that list. There's a whole lot of science that goes into making a cake batter without eggs light and fluffy; you need experience to get rich, fudgy brownies with no butter in them; and there are a mind boggling amount of dairy alternatives to be tried and tested before you land on the right one for the job.

Nutie, you may recall, are purveyors of whole food sweet treats like gluten-free doughnuts in Surry Hills and Balmain. Now they've added a range of American-style banana puddings to the roster, and the best part is they'll deliver them right to your door.

Vegan banana puddings from NutiePhotograph: Supplied/Nutie

The puddings are a layered dessert featuring six elements: custard, vegan whipped cream, fresh banana slices, a cake element, sauce or compote, and toppings like caramelised nuts or potato chip clusters. The flavours change day to day, so you might receive a Black Forest edition made with vanilla custard, cream, boozy cherry compote, bananas, chocolate sponge cake and chocolate shavings. Or maybe it'll be the Saturday Night Fever that arrives at your door, with vanilla custard, cream, chocolate-covered potato chips, caramel sauce, raw cookie dough and brownie pieces. Love a salty-sweet combo? The Reese’s Pieces pudding features chocolate custard, peanut butter mousse, pieces of a Reese’s pie, banana, peanut butter, choc chips and roasted peanut brittle.

The pudding tubs are designed to serve two, and at $13 a pop, you'll need to order at least three to hit the $30 minimum order required for delivery, or you can pad your order with burger kits, brownies, s'mores boxes, doughnuts or cookies.

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