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Pasta with truffle on top
Photograph: Creative Commons

You can now have truffles destined for top restaurants delivered to your door

Add a little touch of luxe to your at-home dinners

Divya Venkataraman

In the very definition of a silver lining, the temporary closure of some of Sydney's finest restaurants over the last few months has resulted in many fine food purveyors pivoting to sell their wares directly to us normal folk. While many of these fine ingredients are likely not getting the star treatment they're used to in the masterful hands of say, Peter Gilmore, here's an ingredient you can get the most out of with minimal kitchen savoir-faire: the almighty black truffle.  

You may have smelled the aromas of the mysterious, pungent truffle in cafés and restaurants across Sydney these last few months – it's become the ultimate winter ingredient, with its umami flavours adding depth and complexity to a range of dishes from pork dumplings to truffle lattes to truffle-topped mee goreng. Now, the Truffle Dealer is letting you get the best truffles – the ones which would have otherwise gone to the best restaurants across the country – delivered straight to your door. Shave them over scrambled eggs, stir them in your next creamy pasta dish, or even infuse whole truffles in honey for a full-bodied flavour combination. 

All the truffles at the Truffle Dealer are weighed and graded based on their aroma and quality, so you know you're only getting the best. You can pick the weight of the truffles you want when you order online – they recommend between five and seven grams per person per dish, so plan accordingly. Truffles cost around $2.50 a gram. Order yours here.

How about trying this warm, three-cheese Swiss fondue while you wait for your truffle delivery?

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