Peoples Club

David Bangma, Peoples Club

We meet David Bangma, the man behind Sydney's newest egalitarian club night

With the lockouts squeezing the life out of some of our favourite nightspots, club brands and bars, you'd be crazy to set out and start a brand new one, right? Well David Bangma doesn't think so. After a year of throwing parties with some of Sydney's most righteous crews – from secret industrial warehouse raves to beachside bashes that made the papers – Bangma has earned his stripes throwing down good times across the city and its outskirts. Now, he's stepping out on his own. We had a quick chat to find out what's install for his new banner brand, Peoples Club.

Who is Peoples Club? Peoples Club, or PC is just me. It's a project started out of a lack of consistent fun times to be had. From DJing in around Sydney I saw there was a lack atmosphere and vibe delivered on a weekly basis.

Why did you start it? I launched PC almost entirely to provide people with a location they can go and dance every single week.

What's install for Peoples Club in the next few months? First up we've got 33/45, which is a vinyl only night at the Red Rattler in Marrickville. There's a truckload of people collecting vinyl and we wanted to do a night to showcase people's love for it and their collections.

We've also got our weekly Club Night which will host a line-up of DJs and artists every Friday night at a lockout-free club. It will never be the same sound, and it's going to be a mix both live performances and DJs set. To add this throughtout May we're going to have visual sets accompanying the DJs to get into the spirit of Vivid. 

Name three words to describe a PC party? Consistent, diverse, sweaty.

Where do you see Sydney's nightlife going? I feel like the lockout laws are at a tipping point but I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully more people will continue to think outside the box we've been put in in the last few years.

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