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Japanese fusion tacos
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Melbourne's Japanese fusion master joins Sydney's most popular gelato for a carpark snack party

Save your airfares and set your GPS to Messina in Rosebery because they are getting ready to host a new edition of their car park snack festival that brings some of Melbourne's best hand-held food purveyors to the sunny climes of our fair city.

Mr Miyagi is the guest star this time around, serving wasabi fries, spider crab tacos, and his range of Japanese hot dogs featuring truffle wagyu beef, pork belly tonkatsu and tempura tofu. 

Messina Eats runs from Friday lunchtime until Saturday dinner (or until everything is sold out) and you'll be able to cap off your savouries with a gelato from Messina, specifically a sweet baked cheese tart with a strawberry yuzu gelato on top. Too cold for ice cream? There's also a lychee or raspberry soda on offer. 

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