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Uncle Tetsu

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Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake
Photograph: Supplied

Time Out says

Have you heard about the wobbliest, lightest most delicious cheesecake around? Well we have, and they’re by a fella called Uncle Tetsu. He set up shop in his homeland of Fukuoka, Japan some 26 years ago, and since then his cakes have built up cult status around the world.

When they opened in Toronto in 2015, the queues were infamous. And now they’re coming to Sydney, you can expect something similar.

And why? Well, it’s because his cheesecakes are said to be as light as a pillow, somewhere between a sponge and a cheesecake, rather than a straight-up fat-fest. They’re even stamped with an image of Uncle Tetsu himself, wearing an adorable little hat. And the best bit, they have always been, and continue to be made with Australian cheese. What kind of cheese, we do not know, but apparently Uncle Tetsu himself discovered it on his travels back in the 70s, and has used it in his cheesecakes ever since.

The new shop, set to be the world’s biggest Uncle Tetsu store, is opening at 501 George Street in Haymarket, just round the corner from Aqua S, at 12pm on Tuesday July 19, and they’ll be open until 11pm that night. The rest of his stores have a one cheesecake per person rule, so it will likely be the same shtick here. They’re also doing honey madeleines, but who are we fooling, you’re here for the cheesecake, and at $15 per cake, it’s a bleedin’ bargain.

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Written by
Freya Herring


501 George St
02 9696 2709
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