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A person is holding up a large cookie which has been sliced in half and is oozing Biscoff caramelised spread
Photograph: Supplied/Thicc Cookies

You can now get massive 1kg Biscoff cookies delivered to your door

Sweet mother of carbs and sugar! Sydney's cult New York-style cookie brand has added a new flavour

Written by
Alannah Maher

Get your body ready, you’ll need both hands for this one. Since launching last year, the aptly named Thicc Cookies has been busting guts and winning hearts all over Sydney and Australia with its soft and hefty New York-style cookies. And now the sweet treat whispers have added a new flavour to their already heaving arsenal of 1kg cookie monsters – Biscoff. 

After plopping onto the scene for a limited run ‘soft drop’, which proved to be a huge hit, these babies will be making a permanent appearance on the menu at this online cookie shop. Crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, these hefty desserts are filled with the distinctive spicy, deep caramel Biscoff spread and topped with a layer of Lotus Biscoff biscuits. 

A giant cookie topped with biscuits? Sure, we’ve seen more unhinged things in 2021. This large lad could be just the ticket whether you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece for a Covid-Safe picnic, a gift to send to someone you can’t see right now (you can add a message), or just a delicious treat for yourself (these babies do store for up to a week in an airtight container in the fridge, or up to two months in the freezer, if it lasts that long). All cookies arrive boxed at your door, ready to heat and eat. If you get in early enough, you can score next-day delivery in Sydney too. 

Lotus Biscoff, the brand behind the spread with the recognisable red screw-top and those rectangular biscuits, has been creating caramelised delights since 1932 – who would have guessed it would be laced in every other dessert in Sydney almost a century later? We’re certainly not complaining. 

If 1kg Biscoff cookies don’t already have you on board, you can check out the Thicc Cookies website for other giant cookie flavours like Nutella, funfetti and classic choc chip, as well as selections of smaller (but still chonky) cookies and pimped out brownies from its sister store, Bigg Brownies. 

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