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A pink and green cocktail box in background, pink coupe glass in foreground
Photograph: Supplied/Basic Babe

Are 'boxtails' this summer's must-drink beverage?

Move over hard seltzers and Aperol Spritzes – we're ringing in the hot girl summer with a pre-mixed bag of cocktails

Elizabeth McDonald
Written by
Elizabeth McDonald

One of the best things to come out of social media in the last few years is that we’re finally free to really lean into being basic bitches. Hot girl summers are a mainstay and a free-for-all of female empowerment and positivity, with a fun drink in hand.

Enter Basic Babe, the Aussie booze company that is going hard on the 'woo-girl' energy with their new ‘boxtails’ – two-litre casks of pre-mixed cocktails. Varieties include a raspberry and lime Margarita, a passionfruit Martini as well as the pink gin Daiquiri; a spin on the classic Daiquiri with strawberry, lime and pink gin. A big bonus of your new summer tipple is all the boxtails are 99 per cent sugar-free, gluten-free and are made with natural Australian fruit juice. They’re also only 60 calories per serve, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. The Basics are the latest in Aussie booze companies getting on board with the goon bag cocktail and we're starting to see a summer drinks trend that we can really get behind.

While the drinks are, of course, super tasty, the boxes themselves are bloody adorable and are a far cry from the bottom shelf casques we know (and love?) so you won’t feel like a grub passing this drink around on a sunny afternoon. The boxes are $29.99 or two for $50, so worth treating yourself, we think. The boxtails are the latest member of the Basic Babe family, joining the lineup of alcoholic sparkling water and tinnies of pre-mix cocktails. Summer is coming so head to the Basic Babe website here to place your order. 

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