Where to buy ugg boots in Sydney

Rug up this winter with sheepskin-lined ugg boots

Photograph: Creative Commons / SPERA

Whether you wear them to watch Netflix or you keep a pair under your desk for emergency comfort, everybody needs a pair of fleece-lined boots in winter. If you’re looking to purchase a new pair of cosy ugg boots, we’ve got a list of stores that sell Australian-made ugg boots and the US brand of ugg boots manufactured in China. Snuggle up in a pair at one of Sydney’s bookshops with cafés.


Ugg Australia QVB

This is the store to go to if you are looking for the brand Ugg Australia. They’ll be able to hook you up with the boots you are looking for. Don’t expect these to be cheaper since you are in Australia – these boots are an American brand and manufactured in China.


Ugg Australian Collection

This ugg store is easy to spot, right on George Street, and you can get short ugg boots here for as little as $79. You’ll find many different styles of the boot here as well as an adorable kids’ collection, ugg gloves and other sheepskin clothing to keep you warm in the winter months.


Ugg Since 1974

This store is an upscale Australian-made ugg boots shop. They'll even customise any pair of boots, for a bespoke slipper experience. Simply tell them what you want and they will call the factory in the Gold Coast to have them made for you – without any extra charge.

The Rocks

Australian Ugg Original Factory Outlet

This is a factory outlet store and their sale shop is located only 5km away from their main shop in Sydney. The outlet stock is cheaper, but if there's a specific type of ugg you're after, they will be able to order them for you.


Australian Leather Party Ltd

Whether you’re looking for women’s, men’s or kids’ boots, you’ll find Australian made uggs at a great price at this store. They have a website and ship their shoes all over Australia without any shipping fees. They even have a size chart to help you figure out the perfect fit.


Ugg Australia Chatswood

On the north side of the Harbour Bridge, there’s Chatswood’s official Ugg Australia store. Whatever ugg boots are in style will be found here from the originals to moccasins. There is no online shopping for these stores, so you will have to go into the shop to pick out the pair you want.


Ugg Channel

Ugg Channel sells Australian-made Uggs and is located right in the centre of Bondi Junction. This store has a variety of boots ranging from heels to sneakers, and fun designs for children. You can also shop online before heading into store to collect your purchases.

Bondi Junction

Ugg Outlet Store

This store has Australian-made uggs from original tall and short boots, kids’ boots, moccasins, slippers and sneakers to gloves and hats for the colder months. The prices here cheap, with sales as low as $50 for a pair of adult shoes.


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