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Silent Theatre 2017 Sydney Fringe image courtesy Sydney Fringe photographer credit Leeroy T
Photograph: Leeroy.T

Eavesdrop on intimate moments in this outdoor theatre project in which the action takes place in a Newtown hotel, and the audience watches from the street below

Sydney Fringe are producing this project, which follows on from their 2016 project ‘The Chain Play’, where they placed different playwrights into a hotel room on consecutive nights, each writing a portion of play and then leaving it for the next playwright to discover the following night, and add to. (The project culminated in a live reading).

For 2017, Sydney Fringe are embedding four writers in four adjacent rooms of the same hotel, during which time each will write a scene. The four scenes will then be strung into a single performance – which the audience will watch from the street, using headphones to listen into the action.

“In a sense, it’s like you’ll be eavesdropping from across the street, and catching glimpses of what’s going on in each room,” says Fringe director Kerri Glasscock. “The thing that ties it together is that each scene should be set in a hotel room. It’s exploring the idea of intimate moments within a busy city.”

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