Ghost Train

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Two people sat in a ghost train carriage with virtual reality headsets
Photograph: Sarah Walker

Step on board a multi-sensory fairground ride with a twist

The classic fairground fright-fest will be getting a modern makeover when Ghost Train hits the Sydney Festival Village. Installation artist Jasmin Tarasin and musician Jonnine Standish will turn the classic carnival escapade on its head, using virtual reality to enhance the ride. The multi-sensory adventure will also invite you to tempt fate and choose your own adventure – will you end up totally delighted or in purgatory? You'll only find out when you're propelled upon rickety tracks, where you'll be enveloped by haunting soundscapes, contemplative imagery and a few spooky (and even profound) surprises. Ghost Train is a ticketed event – you can purchase $10 ticket before riding.

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