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Macquarie University Astronomical Observatory Sessions

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Gaze at planets, moons and star babies at this Astronomy Observatory in Macquarie Park

For all ye northside dwellers who like to stare at the stars, we have good news. The Macquarie University Astronomical Observatory has just reopened after two whole years, and now, everyone who likes themselves a wee bit of heaven gazin’ has the chance to personally go and see what this whole universe thing is about, up close and personal. It’s enough to give you starry eyes. 

You will be able to view planets, binary stars, moons, star clusters and nebulae through the professional in-dome telescopes and range of portable telescopes, with space legends/ Macquarie University’s extremely knowledgeable astronomy staff guiding you each step of the way. 

Starting on Friday, May 20, and running until Saturday, July 9, the Observatory will be opening it’s doors to the public for cosmos-gazing sessions that will run every Friday and Saturday night (weather permitting) from 6:30-8pm. Tickets start at $27.50 for each individual adult, children and concession holders can score for $19, while children under 5 get to come in free. 

Jazz up your end-of-week with this shimmery, family-friendly night out traversing the galaxies, and know that if the viewing does get cancelled because of wild weather, you will be issued with a 100 per cent refund. 

All extra information is available right here, and tickets up for your heavenly purchase here.

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Written by
Maya Skidmore


Free - $27.50
Opening hours:
Fri & Sat, 6:30-8pm
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