Nigella Lawson with the School of Life

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Nigella Lawson
Photograph: David Ellis

Eat up an evening of thought-provoking conversation between two fascinating minds on food and what it means to us

She’s already coming down under to celebrate the joys of home cooking in front of a concert hall of fans at the Sydney Opera House, but Nigella Lawson will be making another special appearance during her time in Sydney.

The first lady of food will be holding class with the School of Life at the Enmore Theatre, joining in conversation Australia’s pre-eminent social psychologist Hugh Mackay, a regular Fairfax columnist and one of the founders of the Ethics Centre.

The pair will dive deep into food’s connection to pleasure, belonging and creativity by drawing from both Lawson’s experiences in the food world and Mackay’s research insights. No issue will be off the table during this fascinating chat – they’ll use food to explore contemporary social trends such as our shrinking households, increasing dependence on fast food, the Western epidemic of anxiety and the therapeutic role of food.

Whether you love to cook, serve, eat or think about food, there’ll be something to learn during this wide-ranging, thought-provoking conversation between two minds who’ve spent decades at the top of their respective fields.

By: Juliana Yu


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