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The most adventurous dates in Sydney

Nothing says love like an adrenaline rush

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One need not leave the city to take a date on an adventure; there are numerous experiences and venues on offer both out - and indoors in Sydney, from kayaking in the Rose Bay, to flying to a romantic picnic via seaplane, to escaping from a locked ‘military bunker’ in the Rocks...

1. Paniq Room

Things to do The Rocks
Those looking for thrills needn’t look any further than Paniq Room, which hosts escapist adventures in a historic building in the rocks. If you choose ‘Abandoned Military Bunker’, you and your partner (and potentially friends) must break into a military bunker to steal government records, although at some point you’ll find that it was a trap all along, and you’ll suddenly find yourself needing to puzzle-solve your way to the exit before a ‘bomb’ goes off. In ‘Supercell 117’, you’re locked in individual cells, and need to work out how to free yourself before the guards arrive. ‘Sen3s’ finds you trapped in a magician’s house, where tricks and illusions make escape difficult. Will these trials bring you closer together? There’s only one way to find out. The Rocks.

2. Good Times Artisan Ice Cream

Restaurants Potts Point
Opened by former Nomad head chef Nathan Sasi, who also owns Mercado restaurant in the city, Good Times Artisan Ice-Cream provides the best desert in Pott’s Point, if not Sydney. What better way to finish a date than with a delicious soft-serve cone or ice-cream sandwich whilst strolling by the water in nearby Elizabeth Bay? Highly recommended are The Ziggy Stardust (soft-serve strawberry ice-cream with dehydrated blackberries and a dusting of white chocolate stars) and the Lickalotapuss (a vanilla shortbread sandwich filled with vanilla ice-cream, fruit sorbets and liquorice) — although we can’t guarantee how ordering an ice-cream sandwich with that particular name will go down on a date. Potts Point.

3. Double Kayak in Rose Bay

See Sydney’s beauty from the water by lending a double kayak from Rose Bay Aquatic Hire. You and your date can float along together in glorious Sydney Harbor, taking in the views and getting to know one another. Keep in mind the bottom half of your body will likely get wet, so don’t forget to bring a towel in your bag, plus a hat and sunscreen, of course. And if you’re planning on paddling out to Shark Island, you’ll need to buy tickets there in advance. Rose Bay.

4. Fratelli Paradiso

Restaurants Potts Point
One needs to re-fuel before or during an adventurous date, and when it comes to beautiful Italian food and imported wine, there’s really nowhere better in Sydney than Fratelli Paradiso. Located on the very chic Challis Avenue in Potts Point, Fratelli was originally opened by Melburnian brothers Enrico and Giovanni Paradiso, who clearly have exceptional taste (pardon the pun). The waiters are knowledgeable and generous with their time, the dimly lit interiors are warm and inviting, and the homemade pasta? Seriously. It’s good. Potts Point. 

5. Seaplane

One can take a guided tour of Sydney Harbour and the surrounding areas by seaplane — truly an experience for a date, although don’t forget to check how your companion feels about heights. The ‘Romantic Picnic’ tour flies over Sydney Harbor and Macquarie Lighthouse, and then onwards over Manly, following the coast around to the very tip of the Northern beaches, before turning around and crossing over Lion Island. It sets down at the secluded Hallet’s Beach. Dine, swim and soak up the sun before your flight home. Rose Bay.

6. Jet Pack Adventures

Those looking for a truly weird and wonderful way to spend the day outdoors can try Jet Pack Adventures. Strap yourself to a water-powered jetpack and fly across the surface of Penrith Lakes (the site of some of the Sydney 2000 Olympic water events). It’s not a typical date idea, sure, but it’ll be a day neither of you will forget any time soon. Penrith.

7. Harbour Bridge Climb

Museums The Rocks
There’s nothing more romantic than a good view out of the water, and with Harbour Bridge Climb, you and your date will find yourself 134m above sea level after ascending the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It may not be for those with an aversion to heights, but for those who do love a thrill and the outdoors, what could be more exciting? The Rocks.

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