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35 things you’ll never hear a Washingtonian say

35 things you’ll never hear a Washingtonian say

1. Sorry, I don’t like talking about my work.

2. Just knowing there’s an elected official in one of those three black SUVs totally makes this motorcade worth being 20 minutes late.

3. I know there’s no Wizards or Caps game tonight, but I just really feel like hanging out in Chinatown.

4. I see where Dan Snyder is coming from.

5. Now that the Silver Line is here, I’m doing all my shopping at Tyson’s. It’s where the stores are!

6. You’re right, Arlington is basically DC.

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7. Well, if the flight getting into Dulles is $10 cheaper, then let’s do that one.

8. Just take Connecticut Ave all the way.

9. Check out this Jordan #45 jersey!

10. I go to the museums all the time.

11. That Walmart in NE was a great decision.

12. Excuse me, ma’am, would you like this seat?

13. It’s just a little snow, I’m sure the roads will be fine.

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14. It’s just a little snow, I’m sure we have enough food.

15. Screw Uber, I’m on the cab company’s side.

16. I’ve never been to Ben’s Chili Bowl.

17. Awesome, no parking ticket!

18. Let’s just walk up the Dupont Circle escalators. It will be good exercise.

19. You know that perfect time of day when there is zero traffic in Georgetown?

20. Hey, at least the Skins gave it their best shot.

21. I don’t do brunch.

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22. These traffic cameras are such a great way to help the city’s economy!

23. I think Shake Shack is better than Five Guys.

24. I’m just going around Dupont Circle now, I’ll be there in 5 minutes.

25. Jumbo Slice is a terrible idea, I have to go home and sleep.

26. This is actually a 2BR, but I’m cool living in the den and just using a curtain as a wall.

27. Having a car is totally worth it.

28. Hold on, I want to see what these people are protesting about.


29. I’d rather have Romo.

30. I’ve never seen The West Wing.

31. I completely understand why you’d want to move to New York City.

32. We don’t go out to Rockville enough. I hear it’s really coming along.

33. Georgetown Cupcake is worth the wait.

34. Yes, $8 does seem like a reasonable price for carrot juice, Sweetgreen.

35. You have made good points, and I am now changing my opinion on this issue.

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