Top 10 Easter events in London

These eggcellent events will keep you occupied over the four-day weekend

Eating yourself into a chocolate coma is not the way to go this Easter (Fri Mar 25–Mon Mar 28 2016). Sure, knock back a fair few Mini Eggs over the holiday, but be sure to stay indigestion-free long enough to enjoy at least one of these cracking events.


All of This Belongs to You

Opening just before Britain's General Election in 2015, this exhibition examines the role of public institutions in contemporary life and what it means to be responsible for a national collection. Specially commissioned interventions will be stationed throughout the Museum, raising questions about the opportunities, obligations and limits to participation within the V&A. The exhibition will also explore the role of design and architecture in defining areas including civic identity, technology, security and democracy.

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V&A Until Sunday July 19 2015 Free

Cravings: Can Your Food Control You?

There's not a meal that goes by that doesn't involve some kind of decision based on what you do or don't fancy eating, but is it our own appetite influencing those decisions, or has the food tricked us into it? This exhibition of personal stories, curious objects and cutting-edge science and technology looks at how food affects our bodies, brains and habits. Find out how our cravings are developed by brains and gut bacteria, take part in neurogastronomy experiments, compare how baby animals react to sweet foods and learn more about the world's first poo bank.

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Science Museum Until Friday January 1 2016 Free

Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea

Find out whether life really is better down where it's wetter in this exhibition of images and information collected during the three-year long Catlin Seaview Survey of coral reefs. More than 200 specimens from the Natural History Museum's collections will also be on show, including coral collected by Darwin on the HMS Beagle. A live coral reef and a virtual dive will give visitors a thorough view of these natural underwater masterpieces. The end date for this show has not yet been confirmed.

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Natural History Museum Thursday August 6 2015 - Sunday September 13 2015

Looking for more Easter fun?

Easter in London

The first bank holiday weekend of the year is on the horizon so grab your diary and get organising. Whether you plan to hunt eggs, party all weekend or stuff your face with chocs, get cracking with your Easter plans now

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