Your 24-hour itinerary: The Partier

So you've got one day and want to rage like it's the end of the world. What to do? Explore Chicago in 24 hours and celebrate with our partier plan.

If you have a free day in Chicago, there's no reason why you shouldn't be having the time of your life. From great food to funky dance clubs to a whole mess of dive bars for consuming alcohol, the city is home to amazing fun 24/7. Check out your personalized itinerary below to find the best spots for a wild time, from karaoke nights to guzzling beer on a brewery tour. The party in Chicago never stops, so brace your livers and slap on your boogie shoes. The day starts in Ukrainian Village...

24 hours for the Partier

9–10am: Mexican breakfast at Flo

If you're going to be drinking all day long, you'll want to prime your stomach with a hardy, greasy breakfast. The pulled pork tacos or the huevos rancheros should help protect your liver from the beating it's about to undergo, so long as you order them "con todo."

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River West/West Town

10–11am: Have a coffee cocktail at Trenchermen

4 out of 5 stars

Hop on the 56 bus or walk to Trencherman and order the Wake & Bake cocktail. This has both of the things that you'll need to start your day of partying: caffeine and alcohol. The drink has both coffee liqueur and Kringle cream, which should have you feeling like a champion.

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Wicker Park

3–4pm: Check out the smoke shops on Clark Street

The area around Belmont and Clark is covered in smoke shops, which you'll need to take advantage of if you want to take your day of partying to the next level. Walk south down Clark Street from Wrigley Field to check out some of the headiest glass in town. Grab a water pipe or a vaporizer and hit up your personal herbalist for a consultation.

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By: Clayton Guse

4–6pm: Hit the taproom at Lagunitas

What better way to keep your bender going than by heading to the city's largest craft brewery? You'll probably need to cab it down to Little Village from the North Side, but it'll be worth the fare. Live music starts at 3pm on the weekends and free tours are offered throughout the afternoon. Consider taking a growler to go just in case your buzz starts to fade.

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North Lawndale

10pm–1am: Pop some bottles at the Mid

You'll have to cross both the river and the interstate in order to get to the Mid from Three Dots, which can be daunting after 12 hours of continuous drinking. A cab might be your best bet at this point. Upon arrival, secure a table and ask for a "bottle to pop." This will not be cheap whatsoever, but hey, you deserve to celebrate your conquest of sobriety.

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West Loop

1–3am: Sing your heart out Alice's Lounge

Head to Avondale via cab, Blue Line or a stranger's car, because the people of the Northwest Side deserve to hear you belt out R. Kelly's "Ignition Remix." Karaoke at Alice's makes the singer feel like they're on a real stage with an adoring crowd.

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3–5am: Close out your night by getting funky at The Owl

It's a quick cab ride from Alice's to The Owl, which closes at 5am on Saturday nights. The line might be a bit long, but there should be a stand selling Polishes or tamales to keep you occupied. Upon entry, grab a drink and start dancing because this is the final leg of a legendary day.

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Logan Square

5am: Crash at the Public Chicago

The best of boutique and luxury synthesised into one Hotel, Public Chicago is the reimagined reincarnation of the Ambassador East Hotel with an updated modern design. The Hotel features a full service bar, screening room, coffee house and fitness center. The on-site restaurant, The Pump Room, has been operating since 1938.

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Gold Coast