Best bingsu and kakigōri in KL

Dip your spoons into these Korean and Japanese shaved ice desserts to beat the KL heat

By Alisha Azuddin |

Shaved ice desserts can be the relief for any hot day. Discover the many varieties that KL cafés have to offer – there are your typical green tea, red bean and injeolmi flavours, but also more creative (and sometimes bizarre) creations ranging from mango cheese and cotton candy to even durian. Go on; dig in to cool down.

Namoo on the Park bingsu
Photo: Bryan Ong
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Namoo on the Park

Solaris Dutamas

Namoo On The Park is no stranger to weird combinations when it comes to desserts (like their sweet potato and tofu pumpkin cake). Their Salt Ice Cream Caramel Popcorn bingsu may sound a bit much, but it’s actually a pretty decent dessert. You’ll find salty popcorn and caramel ribbons within the ice shavings and scoops of salted caramel ice cream on top – the sweet and salty flavours pair perfectly without overpowering each other. If you’re looking for something more traditional, go for the red bean or roast bean flavour.

From RM22.

Doma bingsu
Photo: Bryan Ong
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DOMA Modern Korean

Mont Kiara

After munching on their signature Korean fried chicken, dig into one of their bingsu. DOMA’s bingsu base isn’t the typical shaved ice; instead, it’s made up of shaved frozen milk, which gives it a creamier texture. A crowd favourite is their Oreo bingsu – it looks like a little mountain of crushed Oreos, but what’s hiding underneath the dark layer of crushed cookies is a satisfying combination of ice cream, frozen milk shavings and even more Oreo pieces.

From RM19

Kakigori hojicha kakigori
Photo: Bryan Ong
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SEA Park

The Japanese equivalent to Korean bingsu, Kakigōri’s shaved ice dessert is a tall mound of ice drizzled with syrup and purées. Using only natural ingredients as well as imported matcha from Kyoto, they serve traditional Japanese flavours such as Uji Matcha, Japanese Pumpkin and Hojicha kakigōri. If you’re in the mood for fancy flavours, try their avocado with pistachio nuts or guava with jelly and plum salt kakigōri. To increase the sweetness, add the house-made warabimochi and kinako milk to your dessert.

From RM15

Mykori kakigori
Photo: Bryan Ong


At MyKōri you’ll find an array of Japanese desserts; think sweet and savoury taiyaki, Shibuya toast, as well as kakigōri. Their kakigōri flavours include Mango Yoghurt, Uji Matcha Adzuki, Strawberry Cheesecake and Melon. The Strawberry Cheesecake kakigōri is doused with thick sweet syrup, which goes very well with the shaved ice – the combination isn’t as sweet as you’d think. The chunks of cheesecake give the dessert a creamier texture, while the cake’s crust adds a little crunch.

From RM17

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