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Makan Mana: Razif Hashim

We spoke to host of AFC's 'Best Food in the World' and actor Razif Hashim about his favourite food spots in KL

As the host of AFC’s ‘Best in the World’ and co-founder of web-based food channel FungryTV, Razif Hashim knows his way around some of the best makan spots in KL. For a guy who eats out as often as he does, you can imagine how difficult it was to round it down to just four of his favourite spots to eat.

Sambal Hijau

Sambal Hijau We uncovered this during our time shooting season two of ‘Best in The World’. This was before they renovated and expanded their menu, but the food stayed just as good – and that’s what matters. To be honest, it’s very difficult to get Malay food that impresses me. Most people specialise in a few things and you go there for a fix and that’s it. This place, however, is all-round awesome and they have the most kick-in-the-head sambals you will ever taste.

WHAT TO ORDER: I always have telur itik masak lemak, ayam panggang and all the sambals. And that’s just for a start. I usually bring a big party there so we take a bit of everything and share.

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Ee Chinese Cuisine

I got to know about this place when I was looking for awesome Sunday brunch deals for dim sum – it’s not easy to find decent halal Chinese food that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So when I found their all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch on the internet, I knew I’d never look back. Plus, the space is nice and cosy – I’ve had many family lunches and gatherings with friends there over the years, and it brings back loads of good memories.

WHAT TO ORDER: The dim sum, especially their steamed dishes like the har gao and siew mai.

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Petaling Jaya


My dad introduced me to this place after he went for a meeting here once and said that the food was amazing. We went as a family after that and have been going back ever since. Chef Chai has worked around the world and mastered the art of bending people’s minds with his skills and passion for food. It’s like fine dining without all the fuss and stiffness.

WHAT TO ORDER: Hard to say. They have a lot of good stuff. I usually go there and say ‘omakase’ – but make sure you set a price point for it! And one more thing: I never leave without having the churros.

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Restoran Kader

I found this place while we were filming the first season of ‘Best in The World’. It was amazing, and still is. For anyone who comes to KL asking for banana leaf rice, this is where I take them. It’s special for a few reasons: Firstly, it’s an Indian-Muslim restaurant, but it’s not mamak food; it gives all the neighbouring Indian restaurants a run for their money. Secondly, Kader has been there for a very long time – we’re talking pre-Merdeka period – so eating here takes me back in time, to the basics of Malaysian flavours and food.

WHAT TO ORDER: Chicken and lamb varuval, prawn 65 and butter chicken – I always order these three dishes.

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Masjid Jamek

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By: Time Out KL editors