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Latest art reviews

Find out what our critics make of new exhibitions with the latest London art reviews

'Bjork Digital' at Somerset House

From blockbuster names to indie shows, Time Out Art cast their net far and wide in order to review the biggest and best exhibitions in the city. Check 'em out below or shortcut it to our top ten art exhibitions in London for the shows that we already know will blow your socks off. 

The latest London art reviews

Ashley Bickerton

Ashley Bickerton is like a friend who’s just come back from travelling around Asia for six months and literally won’t stop talking about it and showing you pictures down the pub. Except the pictures aren’t irritating iPhone photos of a beach he dropped some wicked acid on, it’s a whole goddamn body of fine art. 

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Newport Street Gallery , Lambeth Until Sunday August 20 2017

Annette Messager: Avec et Sans Raisons

Some people mellow with age, but not Annette Messager. She’s only become angrier, fiercer and more bitter as she’s headed into her seventies. The French artist has been a massive figure in continental art for decades, and this new show is her at her most acerbic and surreal. 

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Marian Goodman Gallery , Soho Until Saturday May 20 2017

Giacomo Balla: Designing the Future

They were really tearing up the old art rule book back in the early twentieth century, huh? Giacomo Balla was at the forefront of the Italian avant-garde, pioneering early Italian modernism before becoming a big macher in futurism, the movement he helped found. 

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Estorick Collection , Canonbury Until Sunday June 25 2017

Erik van Lieshout: Three Social Works

Erik Van Lieshout’s show feels like watching a foreign soap opera when you’re on holiday. That surreality, that sense of getting a peek into something brash, gruesome, mainstream yet totally alien emanates from every pore in this exhibition. 

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South London Gallery , Camberwell Until Sunday June 11 2017

Assorted Paper

A cross-generational show of works on paper – these are not words to set the pulses racing. But The Sunday Painter has a knack for turning tedious, over-worked curatorial conceits into neat, minimal and totally surprising little triumphs. 

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Sunday Painter , Peckham Rye Until Saturday May 13 2017

Mat Collishaw

It’s sort of like the world’s most elaborate wedding cake. The zoetrope in one-time YBA Mat Collishaw’s new show is a tiered construction dotted with pastel flowers and preening birds. 

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Blainsouthern , Mayfair Until Saturday May 27 2017

Geta Brătescu: The Studio: A Tireless, Ongoing Space

You get the feeling that Bucharest-based Geta Brătescu is taken very seriously in the Romanian art world. On the eve of her 91st birthday, she has been chosen to represent her home country at the 2017 Venice Biennale, and has also been the longstanding artistic director of art and literature magazine Secolul 21.

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Camden Arts Centre , Frognal Until Sunday June 18 2017

Paul Johnson: Teardrop Centre

For the next couple of months, this fine north London gallery is shining a spotlight on the backstage aspects of the creative process, with two shows centred on how artists use and respond to their workspaces. 

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Camden Arts Centre , Frognal Until Sunday June 18 2017
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