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3 Halloween eats that make us feel afraid

Kitty Drake

Planning that Hugh Hefner costume is hungry work. Here are three gory eats to trick or treat yourself with. 

Dark serve ice cream, Four Winters Brewer St and Gloucester Rd

Made with charcoal chocolate liquid nitrogen ice cream (hence the ghostly billows of gas), this comes topped with toffee apple ghoul and tombstone meringues. There is also sticky ‘cobweb floss’ and a splattering of blood-like raspberry sauce. It’s pimped, basically.

Blood injected charcoal cheese balls, Dona Rita

That’s not actually blood (thank god) – it’s sriracha. Available at the Dona Rita Brazilian cheese ball pop-up at Old Street Station, these balls may look burnt on the outside, but they’re really just innocent mouthfuls of melted cheese. Best bit? That syringe is not purely decorative: you can use it to inject your ball with said sriracha.

Halloween Food Fad Graveyard Cake, Dominique Ansel

Made with cookie crumble ‘dirt’ and Mini Me ghost meringues, we find this graveyard cake both cute and strangely unnerving. The tombstones are made of salted butter biscuit and come ‘engraved’ with names of food trends that have come and gone. All of these are debatable. Truffle oil: still a thing. Cake Pops: was this ever a thing?

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