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Ew, gross: London has the UK’s highest rate of embarrassing ailments

James Manning
Written by
James Manning

Another week, another survey in which London comes top of the table! Last week we found out that we’re the sweariest people in the country. This week, the news is a bit yuckier.

A survey by a Surrey pharmacy revealed that London has the UK’s highest rates of eight embarrassing ailments. We’ve got the most STIs, the highest levels of erectile dysfunction among men, the worst levels of bad breath, acne, flatulence or IBS and snoring, the grossest feet and the most instances of worms. In fact, we were only beaten in two categories: incontinence and constipation or diarrhoea, which are both most common in Northern Ireland for whatever reason.

Obviously some of these problems might be fairly mild, while others could be life-altering. But the overall results do seem to confirm the general sense that the crowded, polluted, stress-inducing capital should probably come with a health warning.

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